26 June 2017

Perpignan Art

The Art of Perpignan...
Oh, the sculptures in France! I can't get enough!
Here's (a copy) of Maillol's La Méditerranée Pensée (personified Mediterranean, thinking). It's in the central courtyard of the Perpignan Hôtel de Ville
La Méditerranée, Maillol

And in Arago


Gargoyles in the Hôtel de Ville

A ship

A presentation of "old" types of work in the courtyard in front of the mayor's office.

Here's a blacksmith demonstration

An exhibit of lace making

This was just astonishing! A lady at the booth said that just last week, a regular meeting of lacemakers (like a quilting bee) met - there were 200!

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Paula Hunter said...

I'm pining this for future reference. Great info and what a fun trip!