29 June 2017

By the Numbers

By the Numbers

[So sorry - I do not have an appropriate picture!]

Today's errands piled up, and required a lot of bus rides:
#3 to the post office (closed! due to "sociaux perturbations"* - had I known, I could have stayed on the bus!)
#9 came before the next #3, but it had a shortened route (I walked between stops until I saw my next bus coming, then I ran!)
#13 (ran to catch it, but at least there was no waiting!) to the commercial center (18 miles away) to buy a fridge (yep, tried to buy it online, but that's another story)
Decided to buy my few needed groceries there instead of in Sète, saving an extra stop and walk ;-)
#13 back to the gare (should have stayed on one more stop - less walk/run**), switched to
#3 to get home (instead of #2 to grocery store, then walk home)**
It's good to have options!
=> 3 1/2 hours, 2 out of 3 errands checked off, lovely experiences on the buses and in the stores (I usually enjoy the post office too, but I think this time has to go into the negative column)

* "operational disruption" - yeah, means a lot to me too...
**know your bus routes!

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