12 June 2017

It's a Good Heat!

We're in the middle of a heat wave here, even though Sète isn't nearly as hot as cities further inland. Our highs are expected to be in the low 90s°F

I had planned a full-on dinner last night, but that menu involved using the oven - twice! So, I modified it (stove top roast and cornbread pancakes. It worked...).

Today, we not only had the heat to avoid, but our neighbor came by with a request - no water usage from 2 to 5, so he could get his pipes fixed. No problem! We hopped on the (air conditioned) bus, rode to the Corniche, and found our new doctor's office :-) We were able to get appointments in just a couple of days (and next time, we can use the internet to make one).

From there, we went into centre-ville to check out the library. Well, you can't win them all - it was closed! Check out these crazy hours!*

We walked back along the streets of downtown, looking for a cool place to have an ice cream - we probably should have walked along the canal...

No ice cream later, we were on the bus, and noticed two of our neighbors who regularly use the coded door to the downhill entrance to our building. Hmmm. Yeah, our building is complicated - 3 stories that face the ring road, and 5 stories that enter on the cliff side. We never got all the codes for entering from the ring road, and so have quite a detour (and hike!) to get in. Unlike Hotel California, we can leave, but we can never check in ;-)

So, back to hmmmm... We got off the bus with our neighbors - AND asked about the code - AND finally got it!

Back at the apartment, it's "only" 27°C (80°F) inside, and we have a nice white wine chilling. And we can turn on the water :-)

* I see that these are still Winter​ hours. I'm not sure when Summer starts around here...

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