18 June 2017

Le Py Cemetery

With a small dip in our heat wave, we decided that a short walk was in order - we walked across the street to Le Py Cemetery.

This is a very pleasant cedar-filled place to stroll and absorb some of the history of Sète.

Most fans of singer songwriter Georges Brassens will think of it as where he is buried

It also cradles Sètois and non-Sètois who died in the 1st and 2nd world wars, and the colony wars. The inscription on the monument is:
<< Souscription publique
La ville de Cette
Aux armées de terre et de mer
1893 >>
Which (sort of) translates to:
"An Offering by the Public
The Town of Sète (using its former spelling)
To the armies of Earth and Sea

And ordinary folk who lived together in a community, and are now buried side by side

Here is a map at the entrance

- More info, en français :
- What was going on in 1893? The Franco-Siamese war.

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