11 December 2015

To Do This Week

To Do this week:
- be happy
- do what you love
- give love
- enjoy time with others
- keep learning
- be yourself and love who you are

A friend shared this meme online; I love it! And this week just happens to fill the bill!

We went to a lecture at a local museum - it was about what the folks in Los Alamos (metro area with highest percentage of PhD holders in the nation) are doing to increase our plant-based fuel - I was out with Rick, met interesting new people, and we learned some new science!

I went to a "Civic Hack" night sponsored by the Code for ABQ group. It's not quite a year old, but has several projects in work; one aims to make it easier for the people of Albuquerque to see where the city spends its money (currently, you have to sort through reams of paper to find out), another is mapping pedestrian problems (bad sidewalks, history of falls, etc). Then there's ImagineABQ (yeah, check the link!), collecting ideas for a better Albuquerque. This one evening checked all the boxes for me!

But the fun didn't stop! Our apartment had scheduled some plumbing repairs (no water available for several hours), so we went out to lunch, then furniture shopped - what a beautiful day it was! And successful!

Having a newly dedicated project area, I spent some time painting :-) I have a picture in mind that has some difficult aspects. I've thought about it a lot, now I've tried a few things... Well, I learned a bit. And I have a few more ideas to try. If When I get it right, I want to paint this one on a large (for me) canvas.

Those are the "To Do" highlights - let's not forget these:
- morning coffee
- cook something new and interesting
- read a fun and absorbing book
- sudoku
- neighborhood walks (with Rick, in the sun!)
- Big Bang Theory, new episode ;-)

And chores - because when they're done, they keep life pleasant :-\

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