17 December 2015

Spanish Again :-)

I was trying to think of the last time I spoke Spanish; at first, I thought it had to have been a year and a half ago in Costa Rica. Then I realized that I'd had some short conversations here in New Mexico - part of hiking and other meetups. And yes, I read some Spanish in my Facebook feed, but things (e.g., my brain, my ears, my mouth) were getting rusty!

Well, last night, we went to an Intercambio party, and had actual, *sustained* conversations! For hours! It was great - so many words were just on the tip of my tongue, then I heard them - and remembered!

Quebramos la piñata...

(Photo swiped from Gabriela :-) )
I don't think I've had a swing at a piñata since I was 8 (ish) - young, anyway! It was certainly a lot of fun!

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