10 December 2015

More Stuff?!?

YES! More Stuff!
Last Spring, in Travel Heavy - Live Light, I posted about downsizing and improvising. But I also had a wish list (repeated here for your convenience and my edification :-) )
- a small table with 2 chairs for dining
- we're hoping to find a mattress that works for us. Easier said than done - currently, we have two air mattresses plus various "padding."
- at least one more real end table (We're getting a bit tired of the unstable box)
- a hand mixer. Although, I don't bake as much as I used to, and I have come to like my fork-mashed parsnips (replacing mashed potatoes)
- a serving platter and bowl; I'm looking for something that combines a NM souvenir (and perhaps handmade experience?) with practicality. I'm not in a hurry tho - I have a cookie sheet and largish cereal bowls that work pretty well...

Well, we're making strides! Albuquerque has *tons* of thrift, consignment, second hand, used-stuff shops - and you can kill yourself trying to see them all! We hit 4 or 5 this afternoon, and finally found this item on my list (sort of) - it has 4 chairs, and two of the sides drop. We moved my painting station over to the next window - that table is now (yay!) just for my projects (and for pressing into service if we have people over).

Our last visit to the consignment shop gained us this! It's a sleigh platform bed (appropriately mussed), with (wait for it) a *real* mattress!!

That freed up the footlockers we had been using as part of a platform; they are our new end tables :-)

I've decided I don't want a hand mixer. I have a blender that I don't use as  often as I used to, and a mixer would just be another gadget taking up space.

I finally broke down and bought a generic pyrex bowl. I use it a lot, but I sure would like something with pizazz! Today, we passed a pottery shop - I may have to go back that way and see what's what...

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