03 September 2017

Paul Valéry and El Greco

Paul Valéry is a famous son of Sète - he was a poet, and you might call him an art critic. In Sète, we have a Paul Valéry museum, and this Summer it has a special exhibit of El Greco's Immaculate Conception... which, of course, we went to see.

Some details

After the special El Greco exhibit, we toured the permanent works

Just some trees in a field...

But check the technique!

Sète, from the sea

The sacking of Rome

Old Sète (check out all those foreign flags!)

Models of some pretty darned big boats...

Seafarer's cemetery in Sète - an eternal view of infinity

Paul Valéry's tomb

El Greco is on exhibition through October 1st. Entry is 9.50€ (even on 1st Sundays) - there are 4 short films on the topic, and various explanations on details.
The permanent exhibit includes modern art as well as Sète historical paintings, Valéry's writings, and several large allegorical and everyday life works.
Cimetière Marin is free, and signs point you to Paul Valéry's grave.

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