07 May 2017

Things That Go Ahhhhh

Things That Go Ahhhhh

That first sip from a sparkling spring, after hiking through a forest
Breaking into a meadow full of flowers, and taking a deep breath
Watching the ocean waves break, one after another, sitting in a slightly protected alcove
A fireworks finale after a convivial dinner
Standing at the front of a boat, as it makes its way through a heaving sea
Waking up to dappled sunlight and a light breeze from a nap in a hammock

These are all things that give my heart a lift; that make me feel that I belong in the life that I've chosen. These are moments to revel in. Yet for several months, I've suppressed the feeling as soon as I recognized it - it was just too dangerous to my psyche to let myself get attached to Sète, to France, and then find I had to leave. Well, now the presidential election is over, and we don't have a fascist xenophobe for a president. Tonight, when I watched the sun setting over the Étang, I let my heart lift...

And I can't help but share some skies from this week :-)

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