07 May 2017

Election Day Distractions

Today is the final round of the presidential election in France, and results won't be published until 8:00 pm. So we needed quite a distraction!

We went into centre-ville to see if there was anything interesting related to the election. Well the mayor's office was open, but there was no line out the door. But it was noon... We meandered down to the "Halles" (covered market), and amazingly found a vacant table! We had a "quart" of wine (about 3-4 glasses), and split a tielle for lunch (we are addicted to these octopus pies; some day we'll get something else, I'm sure) and relaxed for a while.

From there, we went to the MIAM (Musée International des Arts Modistes), which was free today (I think all museums in Sète are free on the first Sunday of the month). I had a few huh! and hmm... and wow! moments, but (not being a huge modern art fan) I'm glad it was free ;-) I know that several of my friends would love it!

After that, we walked back along the canal to the tourist office (stopping for a quite hot baguette on the way). Somehow, I thought we had to buy tickets there for an orchestra gig we want to go to next week. Well, no. But we can buy them online, and we did get our monthly booklet on events for the month (May, this time, of course).

We headed to the bus stop for home, but - this being a bus-sparse Sunday, *and* a fantastically beautiful day - we decided to walk home.

An hour later, we're home, sufficiently distracted, but with several more hours to kill. Maybe if I think about all those ice cream shops we passed...

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