28 May 2017

Grande Brocante Sète

Today we went to Sète's Grande Brocante in centre-ville. That's an upmarket flea market to you and me ;-)

We got a little distracted by this giant modern sculpture outside the library; we had to get a closer look!

As we wandered around, a group of people in "Belle Époque" dress paraded through the esplanade, followed by a dance exhibition.

We headed out of the sun to the Halles (covered market), and decided to find a table, have some wine, and think about lunch.

I went for oysters and more wine :-) If you look closely, you'll see that we were at table 7! (Table sept à Sète)

While I was in line for my oysters, I saw this lovely array of seafood on offer

I told Rick about some of the options, so he went next! Came back with garlic mussels (a big win) and curried shrimp (not very spicy)

I'm getting a little more comfortable here, and how things work in the Halles. When we sat at a table, a waiter from the bar came over - just to make sure, I asked how it worked. He said that we get drinks from his bar, and go to any of the surrounding businesses for food. He left us to think about what we wanted to do; when we caught his eye, we ordered wine (and water), and took our time. By the time we were nearly done, new people came to the tables on either side - and asked us to hold their places! Aha! We were happy to do it, and now we know one more thing that is common to do there :-)

On the way back home, we stopped for a baguette and couldn't resist an eclair (gone before I could get a picture, but it wouldn't have done it justice anyway). I saw these plants, and finally thought to get a picture - I do not know what they are, but they're certainly in full bloom this week!


Paula Hunter said...

Sounds like fun!

Julie said...

Thanks it was! And now I know where to go if/when I need real silverware, Limoges plates, *giant* area rugs, lace/cutwork tablecloths, beautiful wooden trunks,...