16 October 2015

Surfers or Sunbathers

Surfers or Sunbathers: on our little stretch of the Mediterranean coast, it's always one or the other!

When the winds are up, so are the waves, and out come the riders! If there is a type of surfing I missed seeing here, then I simply haven't heard of it. Right out our back door I saw: parasailers, kite surfers, wind surfers, long boards, short boards, boogie boards, wake boards, paddle boards, and body surfers... Oh yes, and wave-jumping jet skis.

When the sun is out, even just a bit, we have sunbathers - all ages and types! Bikinis and speedos dominate; women are as often topless as not; a short stroll down the coastline takes you to the "clothing optional" beach; nearly everyone is nut brown and catching rays most of the day.

And of course, no matter the weather, the fish are biting, and people are on the breakwater to catch them :-)

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