26 October 2015

Pacing Ourselves

Pacing Ourselves, or Living Life while on Vacation :-)

One thing we really enjoy about traveling Elsewhere and staying a while is the chance to see (a bit) what life might be like in that Elsewhere.

We found a long time ago that it suits us to go sightseeing on alternate days.  Before we left, we made a "possibles" list. It was so long, we could have gone sightseeing every day! But we knew we needed down time, and plain living time, so we wouldn't get to a lot of those places... this time :-)

One aspect of daily living that we didn't expect was dealing with bureaucracy and traffic; we got plenty of that when I replaced my passport and credit cards :-\  Most of our down time was spent walking along the beach, or just sitting and listening to the waves - even on stormy days, it was still balmy! Our usual dose of daily life included laundry, grocery shopping, cooking, and the ongoing search for the perfect baguette.

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