07 October 2015

A Very Different Season

Fall is here, and it is a very different season at the beach! One weekend, the streets are teeming with people celebrating the Féria d'Automne, and the next, restaurants are closed for the year.

We considered going to Narbonne, but the beach was just too nice to give up - we lazed around instead :-)

We went out to lunch Friday - as usual, I took a (somewhat educated) chance on the menu, and ordered bulots. When they came, I was mildly surprised to find large, cold (but cooked) sea snails - in the shell, with a side of creamy garlic dip. They came with a sort of flat pin - I stuck it in and pulled. By the second one, I added a more successful twist (I found out later that the twist is the correct method - big surprise...). They were definitely different, and very good! But eight of them would have been a nice meal - and this was just the appetizer! The rest of that meal was fairly tame - beef kebab, fries, and then ice cream (tart lemon and dark chocolate!)

A few days later, we had a very nice storm

See, fishermen go out in any weather! Probably because they know the sun will pop out any minute)

This one did send some puddles to our apartment...

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