15 June 2015

France II Planning

We're planning a nice, long, slow trip to France - about as different from our last trip (France I, in 2011) as you can get!
This time, we'll have a homebase in Montpellier, and make day trips (and perhaps a few multiple-day trips) around the Southern part of France. We'll have a car, but we're also considering using trains and buses.

And just where in L'Hexagone is Montpellier? Right here!

It cracks me up - we're staying on "The Giant Dirt Clod" - it sounds so much nicer as "La Grande-Motte" in French!

Here's our current odds-n-ends list:
  1. Arrange apartment*
  2. Get flight and rental car 
  3. Investigate driving guides (what is different / the same about driving in France)
  4. Check whether our driver's licenses are sufficient (they are)
  5. Buy electrical converters
  6. Investigate best method to get Euros
  7. Check into getting a chip and pin credit card (with good foreign transaction terms)
  8. Get a VPN for secure internet (and check it before leaving). Skip the international phone; we'll use skype - and we're pretty much joined at the hip when we travel :-) , so who are we going to call?
  9. Buy new luggage and linens
  10. Download offline maps (tablet, phone)
  11. Find an up-to-date guidebook
  12. Rough out a budget and activities
  13. Practice French!!

* Search VRBO, contact owner, get contract, sign it, return it, send money, arrange for renter's insurance (find a company for this!)...

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