08 June 2015

Fiesta Weekend

This was definitely a weekend for fiestas in Albuquerque!

Friday, we checked out the Food Friday at the Civic Plaza - beer, band, and food, as well as a nice breeze and giant fountain

Saturday, we were out early to volunteer at the Albuquerque Folk Fest - our jobs ended before noon, and then we enjoyed the music! And more beer and food :-) I tried a Scottish beer - it had the name "Jameson" in the title - it was goooood!

Sunday, we had a collapsed morning :-)  then Rick went to a Songwriter's group. We both sat through an unexpected cloudburst (it lasted less that 15 minutes), then headed to Old Town for the San Felipe de Neri Fiesta

The church courtyard was quiet,

but across the street, it was another story! Here is only a part of the kid's zone

The plaza was packed! The area immediately around the bandstand was for dancing

The rest was full of people and food booths

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