11 August 2014

Sunday Afternoon in Old Town

We had a *lovely* afternoon in Old Town (Albuquerque, that is)!  Our excuse was a late lunch at La Crêpe Michel - that's right, a casual French resto in New Mexico.  And yes "casual" means I can wear jeans while sipping my champagne :-)

This time, our after-lunch stroll took us through courtyards

To the statue garden of the Albuquerque museum,

Out the gates

Back around through the mural

With it's squash blossom mosaic

Through more courtyards

(I would really like one of these!)

Back by the central park (in a corner of the churchyard), we saw something we hadn't noticed before - a carved and painted Mary in a tree stump

On the way back home, I just had to stop for another flower!

The Plus:
We also confirmed the best place to park - the lot North of San Felipe Plaza off Mountain Rd. (free every day, unless there's an event)

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