07 August 2014

Sparkly! (per the Spin Doctor)

I recently realized that I had not had the responsibility of cleaning my own home for about the last 2 decades.
Yeah, my first thought was "Aaaaaahhhhh!" :-)
But in that time, I definitely got used to coming home to a nice, SPARKLY house.  That, and these several other things made me decide to start a do-it-yourself project:

  • I'm in the "retired" phase of semi-retired, and plan to be so for the next year (at least)
  • In this phase, the everyday budget makes a difference; I want to spend on what matters
  • I need some structure in my life
  • I need some built-into-life exercise
  • We have significantly downsized our housing over the past several years
  • And, I reeeeeally like sparkly!

So, my project!  We actually bought a vacuum cleaner (and soooo many other cleaning tools we hadn't needed before)!  I looked up cleaning checklists (yep, can't get away from it - I AM an engineer, after all).  I put my weekly and monthly schedule* in my calendar (wheeeee!).  And, downloaded lists in hand, I got started.

Mindset is everything:  on cleaning day, I wake up, throw on my workout clothes, and go to my "club," to play a few sets of "tennis," followed by a session with my "personal trainer." Every once in a while, I throw in a "power walk." ;-)  Then I come home, walk in the door of my clean house, and relax with a cheese plate and a glass of wine (nope, no quotes on that sentence).

* so far, this is the *only* thing in my "retired" calendar I have stuck with

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