02 August 2014

ABQ Grower's Market

Summer Saturdays are the days for the Albuquerque Grower's Market, so we ambled down to Robinson park to check it out.

I had dreams of something similar to the Ferias of Costa Rica - you go to these for (1) produce that you can't find easily in grocery stores, (2) fresher produce, (3) cheaper produce, and (4) a fun outing, talking with vendors about their produce.

Well, it was a long-shot.  Certainly, there were some oddly interesting items available, and they definitely looked fresh, but the posted prices meant we weren't tempted to show enough interest to start a conversation about them - I am only comfortable doing that if I am open to buying.
What this market did have was an entire row of arts and crafts, lots of kid and family activities, and plenty of seating and open space


Rattlesnake beans?

Plants on a truck

Food stalls (this guy was making a dessert crêpe)

I was pretty tempted by this one:
Kindly notice that I took this picture with my cell phone - I guess I'm no good at boycotts...

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