24 February 2021

Car vs Sahara

So much for my clean car! 

Just a few days ago, I took the car in for it's annual checkup - it's 2 years old now, with - wait for it - 2,500 kilometers on the odometer! Still, it needed to be done to keep the warranty valid. 

I dropped it off at 2pm, and killed time around town. I hadn't been on a bus in nearly a year, and had forgotten some of my manners 😮. Well, they came back in time. When I pooped out, I went back early - they said it could take until 5:30! Definitely not like your drive-through garages in the states! At 4:30, they were power-washing all the bird droppings off - there's my beautiful, clean car!

That lasted a couple of days - then we got our rainstorm from Africa, and my car is *dripping* in sandy Saharan mud!

20 February 2021


LOL - I've been living in this apartment for over a year - they changed the method for exit (but not the door-direction, of course) - I completely forgot that it was pull - stood there like an idiot while the neighbor kid opened it 🙄

16 February 2021

That Time of Year

It's that time of the year again...

For the last few days, we've both been plagued with headaches and itchy eyes - I checked, and sure enough, it's high allergy season 🙁

I love trees and flowers, but they don't love me!