05 January 2018

Sickies Chez Nous

What have we been up to? NOTHING! We've been sick at our house - just colds, nothing too serious, but certainly unpleasant, and definitely kept us from doing *anything!*

Traipsing all over Montpellier for my administrative tasks having to do with staying legal here meant that I was out in mostly miserable weather, waiting on transportation or walking to an office. A week ago Thursday, I felt well enough to get out for some much-needed supplies, but then Friday's appointment brought a relapse.

I stayed inside as much  as possible after that. Fortunately, Rick was feeling better enough that he could go out for some important food items. Finally, after nearly a week of keeping out of the weather and slurping hot toddies, the sick-storm broke! Yesterday was oh, so warm and mild, and so we stocked up on more groceries (scotch doesn't last forever, you know).

Then today - ahhhh, today - we *strolled* to the beach in the sun, shedding layers as we went. What a glorious day!

I'm glad we enjoyed it, because - you guessed it - rain is forecast for the next 4 days!

Note: I had an amazing picture to share here, but Google Blogger has a new bug (gasp) that doesn't allow adding pictures. I will probably blog quite a bit less until (1) it's fixed, or (2) I finally switch hosts...

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