01 February 2017

Today's Walk

Out our back door is a pedestrian trail along the shore of the Mediterranean Sea - on days like today, even with the terrace doors closed, we can hear the waves, beckoning...

And we are not the only ones - see the masts of the boats in the marina? In front are surfers!

We're making headway, slowly but surely.

  • We're still jet lagged, but walking along the sea certainly helps :-)
  • We have a rental car for a month; we have to drive almost everywhere (except to the sea!)
  • I've been cooking :-) 
  • We have French SIM chips on the way, so we should have phone numbers within the week. Meanwhile, we have Wi-Fi, so my USA cell phone works at home, as does Skype.
  • Most official things require a French phone number, unfortunately.
  • Because we're Americans, many banks don't want to deal with the added paperwork associated - so we're searching for one. But we need a phone number ;-) 
  • Housing depends on having a bank account; we're enlisting the help of a company here that helps people like us settle in.
  • My immigration paperwork depends on long-term housing (what a cascade, eh?)
  • We're becoming less stressed each day :-)

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