04 February 2017

Saturday Chores

We woke to a sunny day! And it's Saturday! Which means... Relax? Non - it means tomorrow is Sunday, when even grocery stores take the afternoon off. And we have a small fridge. Which means we have to pretty much fill it to make it through to Monday afternoon :-)

It also means that our best chance to have clean clothes actually get dry is to wash them this morning - yep, no dryer.

My final Sunny Saturday "chore" was to walk along the boulevard - the beaches were *quite* crowded for a Winter afternoon! A lot of fathers were out trying to teach their kids how to fly kites - these were 3-5 year old kids - very cute! I purposely left my camera behind (don't want to flood the interwebs with too many photos, do we?)

- small fridge
- no dryer
+ washing machine
+ beach
(no, it's not a wash, not for me!)

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