17 December 2016


As I pack up (again) for another long distance move, I see (and set aside to take) little reminders...
  • A print of the Sutter Buttes from a painting by my dad (when he heard this, he offered the *original!*)
  • A jade statue of Kuan Yin, goddess of compassion, from California
  • A rock from the Sandia mountains of New Mexico (for my brother, who collects these wonderful mementos)
  • A scarf from Venice
  • Coffee cups from Iowa, France, Costa Rica, and New Mexico
  • Pareos from Brazil, Hawaii, and Costa Rica (they're so handy)
  • A mango wood vase from Costa Rica
  • A fetish from New Mexico
Kwan Yin
Otter Fetish, representing laughter, curiosity, mischievousness

Life is full of adventures!

All of these remind me of friends, family, and good times, everywhere I have lived. And I think of the good memories yet to be made :-)

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