28 August 2016

Downtown Groceries!

There's a lot to like about living in Downtown Albuquerque; it's just a short walk to all sorts of places - the library, restaurants, pubs, and government buildings (with plenty of public art on the way)! But until yesterday, no grocery store!

Today, we walked to the new Silver Street Market (less than 10 minutes) to check it out and buy a few necessities.

Everyone was friendly, and obviously excited about their neighborhood grocery store - in a few short minutes, we knew about the suggestion box and several ideas about a store bag in the works. A few more minutes of browsing told us that some of our usual items were cheaper than at Sprout's, and some items were more than at Smith's (both are quite a drive for us). Selection is generally reasonable; some things we hoped to find were not stocked. There are meat and deli sections, but no manned counters. The fresh bread sure looked good!

One very pleasant surprise was this!

I hadn't seen Badia spices since Costa Rica (yes, I had a sudden flood of good memories)!

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