23 July 2016

Italian and...

Italian and...
Other Languages

According to Wikipedia (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Languages_of_the_United_States), "Approximately 430 languages are spoken or signed by the population" of the United States.

1) English-only is spoken at home by 80% of the USA population.
--- me: check!
2) Spanish is the primary language spoken at home by over 37 million people. Spanish-speaking communities in the world, ranked by size are: Mexico, Colombia, Spain,  Argentina, and the United States.
--- me: check!
3) All the Chinese languages combined puts this in third place
--- me: hmmm, that's a tall order...
4) French is the fourth most-common language spoken in the USA.
--- me: check!
12) So, Italian is pretty far down the list.
--- me: check it out! I started Italian on Duolingo 22 days ago!

Basically, I can recognize a lot of words. Can I generate much as needed? Hmmm. I can probably communicate somewhat in the present tense. Especially about eating, drinking, seeing, wanting - wanting to drink or eat what I see, right?

Va bene!

Just for fun (and ya, 'cause Mom is from the UP, so a Yooper), did you know?
"There is a distinctive dialect of English to be found in the Upper Peninsula, known as Yooper. Yooper often has a Finnish cadence and uses Finnish sentence structure with modified English, German, Swedish, Norwegian, and Finnish vocabulary. "
Read more about Yooper here:

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