06 July 2016

Head-up Displays and Tiny Houses

Head-up Displays and Tiny Houses...

Cleaning out even more old stuff - what a mish-mash!

Hand-outs from college job faires included these two pieces focused on the latest technology - 1984's aerospace head(s)-up displays. As a note, Kaiser Electronics (which became Rockwell-Collins*) was the last company I worked for, and is still a leader in HUDs - and people still argue over whether the "s" belongs. ;-)

A few days ago, I marathon-watched a tiny-houses series; it reminded me of one of my favorite childhood books, where a family moves into a trolley car - certainly one of the originals in the tiny house movement. And, voila! It turned up in the pile of "stuff to sort!"

I was either ahead of my time, or certain fields move quite slowly...

*Check this R-C article here

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