28 June 2016

Cherry Chicken à l'Étouffée

When I visit my parents, I usually cook dinners for the whole gang - so far, the most at one go was 17 :-)

Tonight's fare was

Cherry Chicken à l'Étouffée

Heat in a large pan, on medium-high
- butter and oil
- chile, smoked paprika, or chipotle powder
Brown bite-sized, boned chicken pieces
Sprinkle over chicken:
- dried cherries
- Muenster (or port salut) cheese chunks
- chopped cashews
Leave uncovered, finish cooking (port salut cheese will soften but not melt; muenster will melt)
1 max pack chicken breasts (6) and ~3/4 lb cheese serves 11-12
Serve with brown rice, green veggies in nutmeg Alfredo sauce, and a spicy zinfandel.

based on http://slowtravelin.blogspot.com/2014/11/pork-cherry-roll-ups.html

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