05 November 2014

Pork Cherry Roll-Ups

I had a lot of fun Cooking with Carlee in California.  Here is one hit (and it's what's for dinner tonight)!

Pork Cherry Roll-Ups

Pork tenderloin or shoulder, pounded to 1/4 inch thick

Roll up with these fillings (use toothpicks if needed):
- dried cherries
- cheese (strong, soft: eg port salut)

Coat the rolls in this order:
- flour seasoned w/ chili or chipotle powder
- beaten egg
- crumbs (chopped mixed nuts)

Place in casserole pan
Bake @400 ~30 min
- 20 min covered
- 10-15 min uncovered

Serve with:
- Broccoli or asparagus in Alfredo sauce with nutmeg
- Green salad

Goes well with a Spicy Zinfandel

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