18 November 2014

Long Weekend Odds and Ends

Yes, a long weekend! We made our own, and sprinkled some fun around :-)

We had our long-awaited French dinner out at Café Jean Pierre; I tried a new wine while I was at it - M. Chapoutier, La Ciboise Luberon 2012 - it was perfectly yummy! (As was dinner...)

This weekend featured the Weems Artfest, and we popped in to give our eyes a workout! It turned out my hands also got some action ;-) ... There were textiles (hanging blankets, quilts, "fiber" necklaces, scarves), clay, metal, glass, wood (instruments, boxes, bowls, fantastically beautiful tables), AND! The featured artist, Michael Naranjo, had bronzes that begged to be touched (no, I did NOT resist!)  And besides, his wife said to go for it :-)
I was very tempted by these scarves (but, yes, resisted).
This was the only picture I took (Krysteen Waszak's booth) at the entire artfest - I really like the style! (And I would have been there all month if I had taken pictures of everything I wanted ;-) )

One thing all the photography and paintings told us - we have sooo many more Southwestern places to visit!

Speaking of places to visit... The Flying Star Café is a must! And we did! (I had the key lime pie; you just knew it)

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