21 November 2015

Off Center Arts

I've been getting back to ART lately*!

Yesterday was my second class in drawing at the local art center, Off Center.  Last time, we did gestural drawing and experimented with conceptual art. This time, we went on a field trip!

We walked from the center down Central (old route 66) to the Exhibit/208 Gallery. Our "assignment" was to draw something on the way there, view the gallery of art, then draw something else on the walk back.

A few things caught my eye besides what I drew**...

This is the transportation center

I particularly liked the shapes here - several semicircles, canted rectangles, and the scrolled edges of the Sunrise bank building.

* see my other art experiment - Wine Down with Art
** nope, didn't take a picture of my drawings, nor the buildings I drew...

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