23 November 2015

Elena Gallegos Hike

Today's group hike looped around in the Elena Gallegos Open Space! It was a cool and sunny morning, with just a hint of a breeze.

We had a nice view of the Sandia crest

And Downtown Albuquerque

Last week's storm was hinted at

And we were high enough to see some pines

As well as the junipers

The trail was mostly gentle slopes, with just one or two steeper sections - very lovely!
MyTrails track details (our highest elevation was actually slightly higher than 6700 ft per the "real" GPS):

What she said (Me):
- a week ago - "all right! The cancelled hike is rescheduled! I'd better sign up right away!"
- yesterday - "ugh, I can't believe I signed up to go! I think I know where we're meeting, but I could be wrong."
- this morning - "omg, it's so early. and cold. I can't get out of this, can I?? No way am I signing up for another one."
- 2 miles in, nearing 6700 feet - "oh! this is so great!"
- 4 miles in - "I sure am glad I have moleskin! I have *got* to get better boots before the next hike!"

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