02 July 2015

Madrid Day Trip

We drove to Madrid! (New Mexico, not Spain) ;-)

We decided a day trip was in order, so we drove from Downtown Albuquerque along I40 East through the Tijeras pass, then North on 14 to Madrid. This took us on the Eastern side of the Sandias for a different kind of roadside view.

It was a nice quiet drive, with lots of scenic pullouts, and not very many cars.
And there were a *lot* of these*!

We went to the Mine Shaft Tavern for their green chile burger and stew (yum!)

They have a lot of live music, so I suspect we'll be back :-)

* I think this is a kind of cholla (cactus expert that I am... not)

We left Downtown at 10:50, and were done with lunch in Madrid at 12:40. We walked just a bit (art lovers will want to walk a lot more than we did this time), and were headed back to Albuquerque on I25 by 1:15.
Next time, we'll probably just go back the way  we came instead of circling the Sandias.

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