23 April 2015

Ginger and Jute

I tried something new!

A number of years ago, I tried my hand at making a fan - I loved it, and it was *very* useful in Costa Rica. I used acrylics to paint flowers on muslin, then sewed it to thin ribs of wood. I started another one, but wanted to use umbrella parts instead of wood. But at about this time, we were moving around again, and I just never got the fan put together.

Well! Today, I finally framed the fan painting! It is, of course, in a fan shape, so I opted to mat it with raw jute*. While I like the outcome well enough, and I'm happy to have found a way to frame my fan, this will definitely be the last time I do that...

*Jute (aka burlap) is a lot easier to find these days; craft / sewing material stores have many choices by the bolt. However, it is a HUGE pain to work with - it is difficult to line up and keep it where you want it, and just when it's right, you find that you have lint inside your frame. Ugh. I did find a lot of jute "ribbon" that is hemmed, and would be interesting to use as a fillet, but (definitely) not on a curved edge.

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