18 April 2015

Cupid's Span to Giant Red Arrow

"Why Albuquerque?" is *the* question posed once people hear we have a new home base.

Well, there's the practical answer:
- Years ago, we each (and separately) took the online test at Find Your Spot; Albuquerque was one of the recommended places
- In 2008, I zipped through NM on a road trip, and never really forgot it
- There is a lot of interesting technology here (and we both like that)
- The Affordable Care Act passed. Yes, that! This meant we could actually afford to live in the states without fear. A medical emergency or chronic condition will no longer threaten to put us in the poor house
- We spent a few weeks here over a year ago, and found a lot that we liked! We decided to give it a try :-).  Some of what resonated: music scene, film making vibe, ART, tech, sunsets...

Then there's the whimsical answer:
- a bumper sticker that said "keep the quirky in Albuquirky" (that would be us)

But then, there's this - we threw a dart at a map...

Since 1961, a 20 foot tall Giant Red Arrow has graced midtown Albuquerque...
Maybe, like us, it came from Cupid's Span :-) 

Coming up - a critial year in review, similar to what we did in Costa Rica.

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