26 February 2015

New Paints

I finally added to my collection of acrylic paints! Artisan (off Central in ABQ) had almost everything on my list, but were out of a few items - I looked for alternatives, and asked a *lot* of questions, and left with some interesting new things to try!

Last night, I ran some tests
- I used plain packing paper (sometimes pack-ratting comes in handy)
- For shading, I tried payne's gray first, instead of mixed (I like how this worked, so I'm going to try this for real!)
- Then I painted directly over it with a base color (one I never use)
- Then I used a new brush (less give than I'm used to) to spread my new translucent magenta - this is a slower drying paint, and I wanted to get a feel for just how slow
- Then I splashed around the new blue - I like this opaque color for washing over scenes for a misty effect; I was used to heavy body, but this is a soft body version, so I wanted to see how different it was (it's probably even better for how I use it!)

All in all, I had fun!

Oh yes - These local art supply shops are great resources for tips on technique, art classes, shows, and where to get your stuff framed!

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