27 February 2012


The funny thing about slow traveling is that I thought we would have a lot of people come to visit when we were staying somewhere for a while.  The biggest problem with that is that we could never tell people "hey, we're settled in for a while, come on down!" - they needed time to adjust to the idea, get vacation time arranged, buy tickets, etc.  Plus, I think they were a bit uncertain about just how settled we were :-).

We finally did get an apartment on a long-term lease in Costa Rica, and have had a few people come for visits.  We're right in the middle of introducing my parents to life here, with the help of my brother (who has been here several times).  We're mixing in side trips to the beach and mountains with a few days here and there of shopping, cooking, relaxing, museum-hopping, and participating in cultural events.  Visitors give us an added incentive to do things we had put off, and to rediscover things we enjoyed - we see everything all over again with fresh eyes.

We will be spending a few months in the states soon, and expect have visitors there as well!  Hopefully, we have learned a bit about how to make sure friends and family are comfortable coming along with us on our trips (or at least for part of them).

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