31 May 2011

France - the Master "Plan" - 30 May 2011

So, it's not so much a master plan as it is a sketch :-)

We fly into Toulouse, France this Wednesday, after an all-night flight direct from Costa Rica to Spain.  In Toulouse, we have the first few days booked, but then, everything is open - we're flying by the seat of our pants.  A recipe for anxiety for every anal planner there is...

What we do have though is a whole bunch of places where we *might* go, and a lot of ideas (and contact info) about places to stay - we're thinking mostly hostels or B&B's (the kind where you stay in an actual person's home, in their spare room).

We're using Google maps to see what's what:  Julie and Rick in France 2011

We'll be changing it as we go, so here's a snapshot of it:

Some good news and some bad news:
- we did a test pack last week, and found that we had *plenty* of room in our two carry-ons.  This of course means that we will over-pack tomorrow...
- today I was "targeted" by a bird (ick!).  The last time that happened, Rick and I were on our honeymoon.  We're still going strong, so I'm taking this whole thing as *good* (what else should I do, eh?)

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