10 December 2017

End of the Year Parties!

It's coming up on the end of the year, which means - Parties!!

In France, this means food, wine, and music! All with a lot of very nice people :-)

Today, my hiking club had their party - and oh, what fun it was!

We started off with a bus ride to a restaurant on the étang - first a greeting, then a photo show of all the different hikes, then the "brasucade" - grilled mussels this time - yum! (This is what was left, as I was too busy beforehand to get a picture)

Then came the charcuterie and fruit de mer (basically cured meats and seafood) - isn't that pretty!

Wine and the picture slideshow continued throughout, and dancing punctuated the courses

I completely missed a photo op of the guardien de taureau (it was yummy, of course), then came the cheese

And champagne (with dessert, which was also demolished before a photo could be had)

We finished with coffee, then piled back into the bus. Today's lunch was from about 10:30 to 5:30 ;-)

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