25 November 2016

Nut Encrusted Fish

I've been wanting to try this variation for a while - Thanksgiving day was the excuse :-)

Nut Encrusted Fish

In a pan on Medium heat, melt
- 1T butter
- 2T olive oil
When hot, carefully add the fish fillet(s) (~1/3 lb, enough for two)
Cover and cook each side 1-2 minutes, then remove fish and turn heat to low
Soak fish in sauce* on both sides, then place each side on a bed of chopped nuts to encrust both sides. Press slightly to make the nuts adhere.
Place the encrusted fish back in the pan, cover, and cook another 1-2 minutes, depending on thickness, until done.

heat slightly to mix
- anything sticky, such as honey or jam
- something for flavor, such as chile powder or tarragon

Some favorites:
- lemon curd and pistachios
- cherry jam and chipotle powder with pecans
- kiwi jam and thyme with almonds
- honey and chopped sundried tomatoes with pistachios

Note: this would work with chicken or pork as well, cooked longer

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