06 October 2016

Farewell Stockholm!

We had a full morning left in Stockholm before flying back to California, so we decided on an easy stroll around our neighborhood. It was a beautiful sunny morning, but still windy and chilly at 50° (we'll be glad to get back to the - promised - 72° in California)!

This is the Nobel Laureate museum

And the interesting water-pumping station (pump your own water from a well, using the levers on each side)

Where the water gushes out

We were able to pack up and leave our luggage at the hostel, so no lugging around a lot of stuff! 44 pounds was a tough limit to make on the way here, but a breeze on the way home :-)

The bus station was simple to navigate (if you come in the front door!), and our airport bus was frequent at every 10 minutes.

I double checked our terminal, check in desk, and gate on the airport website, so no anxiety there.
We used our GPS to find out how long the walk was (and added 10 minutes).

Because this is a flight to the USA, we had more passport checks - well, you can count them: airline check in, security, passport control, and our second passport control, with plenty of people pulled to the side for additional searches

24 hours after waking, we arrived home - a quick dinner, then bed (and now, after only a 6 hour nap, I'm up - I see another nap in my future today!)

I *love* the 787 Dream Liner!
- It's very smooth (I hardly noticed the takeoff and landing
- I could charge my phone and tablet via USB
- I could use my earbuds to hear movies
- There were a lot of movies, even for someone who doesn't sleep on long flights (I watched 3 or 4 each direction!)
- I finally got smart, and got an inside aisle seat (I usually get a window) - critical for someone who doesn't sleep on long flights ;-)

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