27 May 2016

Just a Bubble

Just a Bubble

It was just a bubble in the linoleum - I only mentioned it because I was a little afraid that one day, the vacuum cleaner would rip the floor up. I thought, eh - squirt a little glue under there, and we're good. HAH!

Well, that was last week. Monday, the new maintenance guy came by, first to look at the bubble, then again to take pictures. By this time, he had spotted several more problem areas - both the corridor corners and kitchen had bubbles.

Tuesday, the vinyl repair estimator was here - he kept talking about "floating floors" (like everyone knows that means it's not glued?) and flattening out the bubbles by hand; I kept saying "glue" and "vacuum cleaner" - did we communicate or what? He eventually said a repair crew would be here the next day, and would have to move the fridge - so we should make sure nothing was in it that could be easily spilled.

Wednesday morning, the (one) vinyl repair guy shows up, looks at the bathroom bubble, presses around with his hands, and says he doesn't see a problem. I'm all like "vacuum cleaner" and "glue"... I show him the others. He says that our maintenance has to move the fridge. I say, "didn't the other fellow arrange for this?" We both go to the office - at this point, I'm pretty frustrated at what seems to me to be poor communication, and a lot of waiting around by yours truly. Well, a while later, two of them are trying to move the fridge out, and (yep) it rips a hole in the linoleum. Right about then, the vinyl boss/inspector shows up. They confab, and decide to replace the entire kitchen floor (with GLUE!). They have to go pick up more stuff. They get a dolly, Rick and I empty out the fridge, they move it and the stove into the living room, and we put the food back in the fridge. Meanwhile, they guy works on the corridor bubbles. Our alarm misbehaves, and he says that, yeah, the wiring for it is right under the bubbles. Hmmm.

Just before lunch, he's finished with the kitchen floor - he'll tell our maintenance that they can move the appliances back. We wait. We cobble together a lunch. We call, and wait. Finally, they're here and we reverse the food-fridge process.

That afternoon, the alarm misbehaves again! Maintenance shows up, pulls the power plug, and says the alarm company will come the next morning to fix it. Well, the batteries had to run down, so the darned thing went off every half hour or so. Thankfully, it died before bedtime...

So, here it is Thursday afternoon - the alarm guys came and confirmed that a wire had been shorted, setting of the panic mode - we didn't even realize we had a panic button! He clipped out that function and reset the alarm - peace!

Oh yes, after another cleaning day, the bathroom bubble is back.
Sshhhh! From now on, I am Sargent Schultz when it comes to bubbles - I know Nothing!
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