20 March 2016

Rachmaninoff in ABQ

Tonight we went back to the SYMPHONY!!

The New Mexico Philharmonic presented...
Olga Rocks Rachmaninoff

Here's the breakdown, along with a few videos of other performances. Enjoy!

Christopher Theofanidis Rainbow Body
This is one of the few pieces by a currently living composer presented over 100 times

Sergei Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No. 2 in c minor, Op. 18
Of course, we didn't hear Rachmaninoff himself, but you can :-) 
This is one of my favorite pieces* - the first few phrases are captivating, and before you know it, you're nearly weeping, then leaping to your feet in appreciation. Whew!

(If you can't play it directly from above, click on this limk: https://youtu.be/pBx-tr1FDvY)

Carl Nielsen Symphony No. 4, “The Inextinguishable,” Op. 29
Also Known (by me) As "Dueling Timpanis" ;-) 
(Check in at about 32 minutes for a nice shot of them)

* just to round things out, compare the theme of Rachmaninoff's second movement to this oldie pop song :-) 

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