24 July 2011

Feeling French

Things that make you feel French:
- opening the bedroom window shutter in the morning
- watching swallows swirl in the twilight
- becoming even pickier about bread
- tasting cherries at the open air market
- realizing that field is not full of corn
- fields of wheat, sunflowers, poppies, grape vines
- listening for, and understanding, your train announcement
- spreading pâté on a crispy, springy slice of bread
- cheese on pear slices
- drinking wine all the time
- drinking café au lait with breakfast, but black coffee after lunch
- ordering a lunch with no clue what it is, and then discovering chicken on your plate
- holding 10 euros in your hand, all from different countries
- walking down Victor Hugo Avenue
- going into a bathroom, seeing a man washing his hands, and passing a woman coming out of a stall

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