17 October 2008

Half Moon Bay - a Day at the Beach

October is *the* month to visit the beaches in Northern California! We spent a great couple of hours strolling along the low-tide sand, sitting and watching the waves, listening to the birds...

The weather was great - not a cloud in sight, crisp breezes, not even any evening fog (the beaches here usually get only a couple of fog-free hours in the summers)!

We saw a couple of surfers, a few beachcombers, and some campers; all in all, not much of a crowd.

To get here: from Hwy 101 or 280, take Hwy 92 West till it dead-ends at Hwy 1 in Half Moon Bay (the town). Turn left, then right on Kelly till you get to the beach. It is a state beach, so there is a charge of $7 for day use. If you drive up and down the coast on the same day, you can visit numerous other beaches on the same "ticket." Day-use ends at sunset.

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